Our 10 Top Home Cinema Villas

When it comes to finding an amazing Villa for your holiday you might not think of having a home cinema room. However, if you want to escape the heat and chill in a nice air-conditioned room for a while then a home cinema can certainly fit the bill. It can also be great if you have children and want to let them entertain themselves with films or games while you prepare dinner or get on with something else. Take a look at Our 10 Top Home Cinema Villas with a home cinema built-in.

Reunion Resort, Davenport (E312)

This is an amazing 12-bedroom villa than can comfortably sleep up to 26 guests. So if you are a large group looking to stay together then this is the perfect place for you. It has an amazing home cinema room that features both Xbox One and PS4 consoles as well as a large screen for watching and playing on.

Elsewhere you can enjoy one of the only 4K Video Walls in the whole resort at one of the three bars in the place. Everything about this villa screams luxury and it is a great way to start your holiday. If you want to look at more photos of the villa with the movie theater, click here!

Reunion Resort, Davenport (E338)

This is a great luxury villa that features 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms. There is a fantastic cinema room as well, that will let you relax and watch some TV or films in peace.

Alongside this, there are some great themed bedrooms for the children and even a 12-player laser tag room. So, you will be able to keep everyone entertained. If you want to view more photos, just click here.

Porters (BC201), Barbados

If you are heading to Barbados rather than Orlando, then this villa is one to check out. The 10 bedrooms are accompanied by a state of the art 20-seater cinema room that has a 133-inch screen that will be easily seen by everyone in the place. The luxury continues all around and the villa even comes with a great selection of films and TV, so you won’t be short of something to watch. To have a look at this beautiful Barbados villa in more detail, just click here.

Reunion Resort, Davenport (E301)

If you want a home theatre villa with a difference, then this is one that the kids will love. It features a secret playroom with home theatre built-in. This means that you can ‘hide the kids away’ whilst you get on with whatever you want to do. The villa has 8 bedrooms and sleeps a total of 20 guests comfortably. For more photos and information, click this link.

Reunion Resort, Davenport (E281)

This is another great luxury villa located in a quieter cul-de-sac of the resort. The 7 bedrooms can easily accommodate up to 17 guests. The home theatre room features a massive 150-inch screen along with side games consoles and other media options.

Uniquely for Florida, this villa also features a synthetic ice rink, so if you fancy yourself as a bit of an ice hockey star then you can live out your fantasies in the baking sun. There is also a great golf simulator for those that fancy improving their game. For more photos, click here.

Encore Resort, Davenport (ENC270)

This is an amazing 12-bedroom villa that sleeps up to 24 people in a fantastic setting. The villa is luxury throughout and also features an amazing home cinema room with a large screen and fantastic comfy seating. There are themed rooms for the children as well as several different games and other entertainment options like foosball and a pool table. If you want to look at the rest of this villas photos and what it has to offer, just head to our site and view the photos on this link here!

Encore Resort, Davenport (ENC223)

This villa has the perfect home theatre room to relax in after a long day of hitting the theme parks. The padded leather reclining chairs and a large screen gives you an experience that is very similar to being in your local movie theatre. This is a room that you will never want to leave. Elsewhere in the villa, there are themed rooms for the children and a private swimming pool and spa. More photos and information is here.

Encore Resort, Davenport (ENC139)

This spacious 11-bedroom villa has a beautiful heated pool. The whole of the loft space is dedicated to a home theatre experience that will let you relax in a comfort at the end of a long day. The villa sleeps up to 22 people and they will all be able to enjoy a great film together along with a wet bar that will ensure that the adults can get a drink whilst they watch. There are more photos to be seen on our website just here.

Reunion Resort, Davenport (E002)

This smaller villa still has some amazing features. It has 6 bedrooms that will sleep up to 12 people with ease in comfort. The loft area has been converted into a fantastic home cinema room and features some comfy sectional sofas for you to lounge on whilst you watch your film.

Elsewhere there is a lovely private pool with a spillover spa that means you can relax in the sun. The kitchen is large and well-stocked and means that you can prepare meals for all of the guests with ease. If you would like to view the rest of these photos just click this link.

Reunion Resort, Davenport (E112)

If you are looking for a villa with a more Mediterranean feel, then this is the perfect villa for you. Five well-appointed bedrooms will easily sleep up to 12 guests in comfort. There is also a great home cinema area with a large projection screen as well as several different games for you to play. The private pool area also has a built-in summer kitchen which means that you can cook a BBQ with ease whilst others relax on the nearby sun loungers. More photos here.

If you are looking for a great villa with a home cinema option then there are some fantastic options around. Depending on how large you want your villa to be you will find a wide variety of options with some great rooms that mean you can easily unwind at the end of a long day and relax in comfort. It can also be a great place to let the kids play and explore whilst you get to relax with the other adults in the bar.

Reunion Resort Orlando
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