Villa Rental in Croatia

Croatia is not often on the list of top destinations when people are looking for a getaway that takes them to warmer climates.However, over the last few years, it has started to gain in popularity, and it is easy to see why.

Things to do in Croatia

There are many fascinating historical sites to see, and the main areas of Split, Dubrovnik, and Zagreb are all culturally vibrant and engaging cities.You will find yourself surrounded by impressive, stunning scenery and witness the power of mother nature at her best.Located in the Mediterranean the country has a vast expanse of coastline which plays host to some stunning beaches, many of which are nestled in coves giving you the chance to tuck yourself away and enjoy some much-needed relation time.

Although Croatia might not be the first destination you consider for holidays, this hidden gem is gaining in popularity and fast becoming a bucket list, must visit country. On the opposite side of the Adriatic Sea to Italy, it is easy to see why visitors choose Croatia. The temperate weather, the sights, and delicious local food make this something of a dream destination. So what are you going to do with your time when you visit? Here are some of the more unusual things that Croatia has to offer to get you started with your day trip planning.


Visit the Sea Organ

One of three sea organs, the other two being in California and Blackpool this fantastic wonder is an absolute must if you are visiting the country. Found in Zadar, one of the coastal towns, the organ is made up of 35 tubes and of course the large cavity that creates the resonance. A combination of tidal movement and the wind create an eerie tune that is said to resemble whale calls.zadar-1991278_960_720

See Plitvice Lakes

If you are looking to really see the natural sights in Croatia, you would be well advised to check out Plitvice Lakes. A naturally formed phenomenon of 16 interlinked lakes featuring some of the greenest trees and bluest waters you will see anywhere in the world. Water flows over rocks creating natural waterfalls between the staggered lakes. Some of the route is accessible to all; other parts will require a higher level of walking so not for the faint-hearted.



It doesn’t get much quirkier than this! Located in Split, you will either love or hate this taxidermists paradise. In Froggyland you will find, well frogs! Over 500 stuffed formally living frogs, and they have all be staged into human scenes. See these amphibians on dry land doing many activities from camping to sewing, and even performing in the circus. It is certainly unusual and frankly quite weird but well worth the admission price.DSCN5854

The Blue Cave of Bisevo

Heading back into the beauties of nature, checking out this fantastic cave should be high on your list. A naturally formed cave where the water appears to glow in the most fantastic shade of blue. Access to the cave involves a ferry ride from Split to Vis, and then a trek by bus or bike to the far side of the island. From here in the town of Komiza, you will find many scheduled boat tours. Getting to the cave is still an hour by water, and finally, to marvel at the full spectacle, you will need to change over to the small rubber raft that is just small enough to creep through the cave mouth into this fantastic cavern.

With so many amazing sights you would be well advised to plan your time in order to take in as many as possible. Villa rentals offer a fantastic holiday base and give you total freedom from set meal times or later night returns than offered by many hotels.15465930539_bdf635995b_b

Luxury Villa Accommodation

Although hotels have traditionally been the favourite holiday accommodation choice, there has been a huge increase in the “Peer to Peer” Villa rental market and Croatia certainly has not escaped this trend. The Luxury Croatian Villas market is one of the countries fastest growing industries due to the ideal location and this is only set to grow.

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