Why a Rental Villa is Perfect for Kids with Extra Needs

As a parent of two boys with special needs, I know the genuine stress of wanting to take a family vacation. When our kids have these extra needs, life can feel pretty shut off to us. Some things can also feel out of reach just because the anguish of planning and executing what should be a fantastic week to Barbados or Disney, or many other beautiful destinations can leave us thinking staying home is safer and more natural. Like many other parents, I have navigated the quagmire of holidays abroad with my beautiful kids and wanted to share with you why I am so in love with villa rentals. Here’s just a few reasons why a Rental Villa is Perfect for Kids with Extra Needs…

You Can Close the Door

I am not suggesting that hotel rooms don’t have doors of course, but there is a specific privacy in a holiday home that you cannot get in a public hotel setting. While the needs of our children vary greatly one thing that most parents struggle with is the judgemental eyes of strangers that have no idea what they are looking at. Spending a day at a theme park can be as much as some of these kids can cope with and when they get home, they need to crash and unwind. People, strangers in their space can make this hard for them and meltdowns and tantrums can be magnified if you cannot find a quiet corner to call your own.

In a villa rental, you have just that. If they need their bedroom, it is right there. If you need them in with you, that is easy too. The bathrooms can be set up for your choices, and there is no need to navigate the hustle and bustle of a crowded restaurant or dining hall.

You Can Take a Day Off

Another thing I found was that the boys did not want to be on the go all the time. Often as the parent, you also need a day off. At home you might take a day trip, but how often do you have to be full on for five whole days. In a hotel, you will find it is much harder to call a chill out day. A cramped hotel room is untenable, meaning you will more than likely head out to try and find something low key. The reality of this, of course, is that you don’t have a day off.

Luxury villas have so much to offer that one or to days on base are pleasurable. With a swimming pool in your garden and space to spread the family out for some peace and quiet, a day off can be genuinely restful not just for the children but the parents as well. If you opt for a resort based rental you are likely to have amenities on hand so grabbing some food to cook or sweets for a treat are easily within reach. Themed villas are fantastic for capturing the imagination and adding to the magic. For me, it was the only way I found I could take them away and not need a three week holiday myself when I got home.

We hope you found our post on ‘Why a Rental Villa is Perfect for Kids with Extra Needs’ helpful. Check out our vast selection of villas to find your perfect accommodation in your desired location.

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