Kosher Vacation Rentals in Orlando Florida

Orlando has an incredible mixture of things to do and see, from theme parks, attractions and entertainment to beaches, gardens and multiple dining options. There’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy. Contact one of our specialists today and let us help you find your perfect, Kosher vacation rental.

Kosher Vacation Rentals in Orlando Florida are possible through a mix of specialist services. Exclusive Private Villas specialise in providing a very high standard of cleanliness in our vacation rental homes. Consequently, this will help aid with part of your preparation for Pesach and other Jewish festivals.

Kosher Orlando
Kosher Orlando

Our villas in Reunion Resort, Encore Resort, Solterra Resort and Solara Resort are also cleaned to exacting standards. This therefore, makes them the perfect foundation for your Pesach, Sukkos, Rosh Hashanah and Chanuka.

We hope that the information below helps you to prepare and enjoy your holidays to the standard you expect. Orlando is a magical place to be and our vacation rental homes are therefore a perfect environment for your holidays.

Our larger villas are a perfect way of celebrating Pesach, Hanukka or just to enjoy a random family gathering. What’s more, we have a wide range of luxury modern Orlando Vacation Rentals with Kashered Kitchens for your family. You can call us in advance to arrange.

12 Bedroom Orlando Villa Rentals
12 Bedroom Orlando Villa Rentals

Kashering your villa kitchen

Kashering the Kitchen
Kashering the Kitchen (Photo Times of Israel)

Once you have booked your rental home from, contact a Kashering Service ( to Kasher Stove tops, Marble/Granite surfaces, Metal Sinks and Ovens. This service typically costs in the region of $500. The best villas in Orlando get booked many months in advance so do call us now to help you celebrate passover in style, luxury and comfort. Another option for a Kashering Service is

Kosher Equipment Rentals

Kosher Utensils
Kosher Utensils

Having discussed utensils with the Kashering service, you will now have a plan for your villa kitchen. As soon as you arrive in your villa, for your convenience, Kosher items are available to rent and you have access to everything from Kosher BBQ’s, Kitchen Items, Appliances & much more. We recommend the services of Klein’s Rentals for all your Kosher needs.

Grocery Stores

There is a wide range of Kosher grocery stores available in Orlando. Check out the options below.

Kosher Restaurants in Orlando

There are various options for Kosher restaurants in Orlando providing delicious Kosher food for all the family so check out our list below.

Kosher Catering Services

We recommend checking out the following catering services for all your Kosher needs.

For information on preparing your home for Pesach or other Jewish Holidays, visit our Kosher Orlando page. You can check out all our Kosher Vacation Rentals in Orlando Florida here.

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