12 Person Villas in Ibiza

Whether it be exploring the sleepy villages filled with culture and history, visiting a traditional, local market to sample some local produce, a relaxing day on one of the beautiful sandy beaches soaking up the sun, or dancing the night away in one of the many bars or clubs, Ibiza has it all! Contact one of our dedicated team members today and let us help you discover and book your perfect luxury villa to enjoy your stay in. You will not be disappointed with our 12 Person Villas in Ibiza.

Large Villas

In Ibiza, a great idea would be to share a villa with friends and family. This would mean savings for you as well as for your family and friends. And as a benefit you would get to stay in a huge luxury villa. Our 12 Person Villas in Ibiza are perfect for groups.

The island of Ibiza is popular with club goers. Ibiza villas are located in the south-eastern corner of the island, between San Antonio de Sa Caleta and Santa Eulalia des Riu. They are built on the cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. This area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. In fact, the first inhabitants were the Romans who called this place “Ebusus”. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the area was occupied by the Moors. Our largest villas are our 12 Person Villas in Ibiza.

Enjoy life’s pleasures in a luxurious and stylish environment.

Our villas are all luxury and we have a good range of family villas in Ibiza aswell.


10 Person Villas in Ibiza near the nighlife

Nightlife is very much a popular part of any Ibiza holiday. We have written a helpful guide to the best way to party on the island. One of the most popular areas for nightlife is San Antonio.

12 Person Villas in Ibiza

Escape to luxury villas in Ibiza, Spain. Enjoy the Mediterranean sun and incredible sea views from your private balcony. Air conditioning, washing machines and wifi are all included in our properties. Our 12 person villas in Ibiza tend to be 5 to 6 bedrooms. These villas are large and often have pools and beautiful views.

6 Bedroom Villa Ibiza

Imagine yourself sitting on your private terrace in the sun, or asleep in your comfortable bed. In addition, just imagine the sea breeze gently blowing through your hair. Picture ocean views from every window and a large saltwater pool right outside. You could be staying at Ibiza Villas within a few days! Join us over the summer and enjoy luxury villas in ibiza with pool.

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